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8 Ways to Reduce Being Overwhelmed

Trust. First and foremost know that everything is happening exactly as it should. Everything will get done exactly how and when it needs to. That alone should help take the pressure off.

Prioritize. I find it helpful to create a "to do" list in excel. I list everything that needs to be done. I then rank each task based on importance of completion. I generally only go up to four because then the list tends to get out of control and becomes confusing. One is the most important to complete and four is the least important. I usually have several tasks assigned to each number.

Most important. Choose the one task that is the most important to start with. This should already be marked as a "one" on your list. This is likely something that you have been putting off, but will feel so much better once it's complete.

Schedule your time. Allocate some time each week where you will work on your to do list. Then plow through the ones, then the two's, etc. Note you will likely never finish your to do list because you will always be adding to it. But you will feel organized and in control of your time because of this list. You will feel less stressed because you have this plan in place.

High Energy. Make sure your schedule reflects when you have the most energy. You want to have high energy to tackle your to do's, especially those ones you have been putting off. So aim to work on your list at the time of day you have the most energy.

No interruptions. Stick to the allocated time you have scheduled in to work on your to do list. That means don't answer the phone, turn your email notification off on your computer, etc. Pick an amount of time that you can realistically stick to AND then stick to it! Do not let yourself get distracted. You will only hurt yourself. Do whatever you need to do to sit down and work on these tasks. Grab a coffee, play some music, do whatever will inspire you to get cracking!

Get Outside. Aside from scheduling your time and getting things done, it's also really important to take a break and clear your mind. Getting out in nature is the best thing for this. It helps you to feel grounded and you can literally feel the stress melt away. For some it's a walk, others a jog, or even a combo. of both!

Calm Down. Take a few minutes each day to sit or lay down. Close your eyes and breathe. When your mind starts to drift off, that's okay, just start noticing your breathing again. Having a period of stillness in your day will help to ease your stress, and it will also build your confidence and creativity.