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Men's Designer Clothes Advice - Top Fashion Mistakes To Avoid Th

Let us hope that anyone keen on buying men's designer clothes would never, ever dream of going out in public wearing the unutterably hideous combination of socks and sandals. Seemingly typifying the unforgivable obliviousness to good fashion and style, this disastrous combination is only one of a number of fashion mistakes which you should aim to avoid this summer.

There's little point buying men's designer clothes if you're then going to wear them or combine them in a way which screams of disaster. So let's look at some of the most popular, or at least common fashion faux pas, along with understanding why they're wrong, and what you should do to make sure that your designer clothing works in the way the designers always intended.

For quite a number of people it seems that the rule of fashion styling is to buy good quality fashion clothing, but in fact this is only half the story. Wearing good fashionable clothing is one thing, but wearing it in a combination which works is quite another. It's like looking at a tangerine coloured Lotus Elise, deciding that the colour is stylish, and then painting your dog the same colour. Taking something which works and coupling it in a way which doesn't just makes you stand out for all the wrong reasons.

This is certainly true with socks and sandals. Sandals are stylish, fashionable and very practical in hot weather. Your socks may well be good quality and stylish, but pair the two together and it's enough to make you wince. Or at least it should do. The main reason it looks so awful is because it's the fashion equivalent of an oxymoron. You wear sandals to allow your feet to be exposed, to air, to breathe and to feel cooler, and you wear socks to cover your feet up and keep them warm. You wouldn't wear a thick jumper with shorts (no, please, you wouldn't, would you?), so why do the equivalent with socks and sandals?

The simple rule is this - if you wear sandals, so not wear socks. If you want to wear socks in summer then at least wear the invisible socks which are cut just below the top of the shoe, so that your ankles are visible. Hooray for mankles - celebrate in your bony whiteness this summer, you'll look a lot better, believe me.

The next poor combination of men's designer clothes is the jumper tied around the waist. Long ago when you were at school you were probably encouraged to do this, because children run about, and jumpers easily get lost. Yes, the British weather is such that one moment you may need a jumper, and the next you're reaching for the sun lotion, but if you have a jumper, and the weather changes enough for you to want to remove it, do not tie it around your waist. This makes you look short, with a bulging middle, and a little like you're on a school trip.

Instead put your jumper over your shoulders, with the arms tied loosely at the front. Don't knot them - just keep it loose. Unless you're going to start doing the same sort of cavorting about you did when you were nine, you should find that your jumper remains where it is, and looks very stylish into the bargain.

The third problem which people sometimes have with men's designer clothes is accessorising. The problem is that with the weather getting warmer the amount of clothing you wear reduces, and this can make your look seem a little bare. But too many people make the mistake of overcompensating for this by wearing far too many accessories. You really don't want to look as though you walked into a jewellery store wearing super glue, so basically take the advice that you should only be wearing one necklace, and no more than five accessories at most. This includes things such as necklaces, badges, neckties and bags. With a little care and thought men's designer clothes will help you stand out for all the right reasons, but it's vital to avoid these common mistakes or you'll end up standing out for all the wrong reasons.