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The BP Oil Leak and What There is to Know

Many of us have been glued to the news. The reason for this is because of the recent happenings with the BP oil leak. Many of you are looking at what they are doing and wondering just how many have been affected. Well, there have been many. There are many who put the blame on someone else. There are those who blame the Government. Here is what you should know about.

There are many people affected by this as we have mentioned before. Those who call the Gulf home have found how many problems are coming from this oil leak. There are many who call the Gulf home and work there. Those that work near or on the water are in jeopardy of losing their businesses. There are some who sell the crabs and such that they find in the ocean, this is no longer an option as those animals are covered in oil. Many of these sorts of businesses are family owned and therefore, the children who are to take them over worry about what their fate will be.

Then there are those who use the ocean water and the beaches as their means of profit. There are many who live near the Gulf Coast and cannot wait until the summer months when there are tourists as it means money in their bank accounts. However, without the water being pristine and clear as well as inviting people in, they don't make as much money. Some of those businesses were family owned. Now, they worry about what their children will do. One season can make or break you.

Louisiana has been hit the hardest. They have just recovered from Hurricane Katrina. Now, the beaches that are normally populated are desolate again. This is due to the fact that the oil at any moment could become a threat. This has to be hard on them.

As you see, we all have been effected more than one thinks. Who is to blame? Well, everyone agrees that BP is to blame for this oil leak. BP has even taken full responsibility for it. They are trying to get the leak under control.

You have to stop and think that while we are suffering and blaming BP, they too lost some lives. There were crew members on that boat who died. They left family members behind and were remembered in a memorial service for them.

So, what is being done? Well, to start with The Spider Web Blanket Solution is being pressed to be used to stop the oil leak. Many are against this, but you can support this. You can write into congress to get them to use this. You can also help by lending your support to those who might have lost their jobs due to this. There is much that all of us can do.

There is much that needs to be done and even if they stop the leak, there will be stuff left to do. There are places that are hit hard like Louisiana who just opened their beaches not long ago after there was much damage done by Hurricane Katrina. Now, we wait and hope that something is done soon. Then, we look for ways in which we can help.