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Ufc: Return Of The Golden Boy

Fans of mixed martial arts have plenty to look forward to during the upcoming UFC 76: Knockout event, scheduled on the Saturday of September 22. Not only will they get to watch and cheer on the light heavyweight combat between Keith Jardine and Chuck Liddell, the audience will also bear witness to the return of the ?Golden Boy? of the UFC, Diego ?Nightmare? Sanchez. Having earned his title for a perfect record of fights, all up until his last match at UFC 69, the 25-year-old Sanchez is set to enter the Octagon and face off against fellow welterweight opponent Jon Fitch. The bout will take place at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calfornia.

Sanchez is famed for coming out on top in the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, but his victorious and undefeated streak was ended by Josh Koscheck during a titanic battle in UFC 69. However, UFC president Dana White released a statement a few weeks after the duel, saying that Sanchez was sick during the period of the match with Hepatitis C and that he nearly had to retire from fighting. Later on, doctors revised their diagnosis and said the initial tests were incorrect, concluding that he was actually suffering from a staph infection instead.

President White has additionally stated that Sanchez has a goal of proving himself the king of the hill in the welterweight division, and that he was displeased with his previous battle. Also according to her, Sanchez requested that he be allowed to clash with the best and strongest opponents possible, and that John Fitch has proven himself the ideal challenger with 13 straight victories under his own belt. Sanchez himself is confident that Fitch will turn out to be a worthy adversary, though what he really desires is to start moving up the ranks again for a shot at the title.