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UGG Boots - Why People Don't Seem to Mind Looking Like Ugg Clone

These days the streets are filled with people wearing Uggs, its like an unspoken uniform that people have chosen to wear. This is the biggest compliment for a shoe brand I reckon. A lot of people don't like wearing shoes or footwear that many others also wear, maybe because they don't want to look like a sheep when it comes to fashion or because they like to be thought of as someone who is individual where fashion is concerned. This doesn't seem to have happened with Uggs.

When I was younger I had a friend who used to copy me with what I wore, my love of corduroy trousers at university and my choice of trainers, though she always seemed to manage to take my look and somehow make it look better on her! At first I was a bit cross that I was being copied but then I thought about it and decided to see it as a compliment and chose to feel flattered by it and since then when anyone has ever mentioned that they like what I'm wearing I have said 'thank you' and have given details of where and when I bought the item and how much it cost as I have no problem with people buying the same thing if they like it enough.

So the sheer volume of Ugg boots on the streets today doesn't seem to bother anyone in terms of the fact that it can look like every second or third person is wearing a pair and everyone looks the same, probably because everyone wears their boots with different styles of clothing to create a completely different look and there are so many styles and designs available that, though everyone seems to be wearing Uggs they may not be the same boot.

Since we first discovered them, Ugg boots have become the answer to stylish, comfortable footwear which looks great and will never hurt your feet or squish your toes or make you walk in an unnatural way. The flat boot has never been so popular since Uggs came along and they have also moved fashion along with the rise of the 'skinny' jean and 'jeggings' which mean that the boots can be popped on with no risk of them riding up and looking scruffy or ridiculous. So it seems that we have a lot to thank Uggs for, not least because they keep our feet and legs warm and cosy and they make women feel confident when they wear them because they have come to represent a certain image that women want to identify with.